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How to Reach Hyderabad India

How to Reach Hyderabad

It is simple to attain Hyderabad, the capital of Andhra Pradesh because it is fine linked to further main cities and states by air, rail and road.

How to Reach Hyderabad by Air
Hyderabad is fine linked to national and worldwide purpose with equally national and worldwide air carriers. Hyderabad has two airports; the Rajiv Gandhi Terminal is the worldwide airpot and the N.T. Rama Rao Terminal is the domestic airpot in the city.

Moreover Taj Mahal, there are further tourist attraction in Agra worth visiting. Built in huge red sandstones on the bank of Yamuna, the Agra Fort built by Emperor Akbar in 1565 is a different main historical traveler attraction in Agra. It is established with tourists as a high fort as fine as

How to Reach Hyderabad by Rail
The Indian railway, the world’s huge railway below a single executive, is separated in to nine Zones. Secunderabad, the twin-city of Hyderabad, is the headquarters of the south Central Zone. Hyderabad is the main point of arrival of leaving. Hyderabad railway station is well linked to all the main Indian cities with a figure of every day convey trains from Hyderabad to the further cities of India.

How to Reach Hyderabad by Road

Hyderabad has a great bus terminus and is fine related to further cities in the state by a network of highways. The Andhra Pradesh positions Road transfer Corporation (APSRTC) buses and buses belong to further south Indian State Roadways also work from here. The APSRTC also conducts a numeral of tours and excursion roughly the city. The Andhra Pradesh state Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) attach Hyderabad to each city, town and every one except extremely little village in the state. State and treat coaches are presented for inter-city and throughway services. The APSRTC city organizes is at Ranigunj Depot at Secunderabad. Numerous private travel services run by explore operators/travel agents are available.

How to Travel in Hyderabad
Taxis, auto rickshaws and other smaller vehicles are presented for local transport. One can find prepaid taxis and auto-rickshaws to and from the Airport. Chauffeur driven personal cars and taxis for extended distance travel are offered in Hyderabad, Operated by Andhra Pradesh Travel and Tourism increase corporation (APTTDC) and personal operator. Local Bus services within Hyderabad city are good. Hyderabad has a light rail moving system known as the Multimodel Transport System (MMTS), management close to 30 services a day, linking Secunderabad and lingampally on the city border. It exclusive worth is the connectivity among rail and street bring for the ability of the commuters.


Shopping Malls in Hyderabad
1). Amrutha Mall
2). Babukhan Mall
3). Hyderabad Central
4). Hyderabad Central
5). CMR Family Shopping Mall

Famous Hotel in Hyderabad

5 Star Hotels in Hyderabad

1. Novotel Hyderabad
2. Hyderabad Marriott Hotel
3. Hotel Leo Continental
4. Golkonda Resort & Spa
5. The Manohar
6. Fortune Select Manohar, Hyderabad
7. The Ista

Budget Hotels in Hyderabad

1. The Central Court Hotel
2. Best Western Amrutha Castle
3. The Central Court
4. The Golkonda
5. Katriya Hotel and Towers
6. Hotel Sitara
7. Green Park Hotel Hyderabad
8. Hotel Amrutha Castle Best Western Hyderabad
9. Aalankrita - The Ethnic Gateway
10. Hotel Sitara (Ramoji Film City)

Restaurants in Hyderabad

1. Discotheque in Hyderabad
2. Bar in Hyderabad
3. Lounge in Hyderabad
4. Dessert in Hyderabad
5. Bakery in Hyderabad
6. Shop in Hyderabad
7. Canteen in Hyderabad

Hospital in Hyderabad

1. Fernandez Maternity Hospital
2. Lotus Children Hospital
3. Akj Chest Clinic
4. Dr P Siva Reddy Eye Hospital
5. Image Hospitals
6. Sannidhi ayurveda hospital and research center
7. Jaferia Hospital
8. Balaji Hospital
9. Sadhuram Eye Hospital
10. Jaiswal Hospital
11. Apollo Hospital

Schools in Hyderabad

1. Panache DJ School
2. All Saints High School
3. Oakridge International School
4. BVB Public School
5. Future Kid's School
6. Meridian School
7. Sri International School
8. Oxford Grammar School
9. Narayana Concept School
10. Vasavi Public School

Collage in Hyderabad

1. Aurora Junior college, Musheerabad, Hyderabad.
2. Quli Qutub Shah Urdu Residential .College, Charminar, Hyderabad.
3. R. A .Agarwal Junior Colege, Charminar, Hyderabad.
4. S .S. R. Junior College, Musheerabad, Hyderabad.
5. Amruth Kapadiya Navjeevan womens college, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
6. Bhagyanagar Junior College, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
7. Priyanka Junior college for Girls, Golkonda, Hyderabad.
8. Alfa College, Musheerabad, Hyderabad.
9. Shivdut Rai Girls Junior college, Charminar, Hyderabad.
10. R.K.. College, Musheerabad, Hyderabad.
11. Vani Junior college for Girls, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
12. Daisy Girls Junior college, Charminar, Hyderabad.
13. B. J .R.Government Junior. College, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
14. Vidyapeeth Junior college, Musheerabad, Hyderabad.
15. Durga Prasad Banwarilal college For Girls, Charminar , Hyderabad.
16. Vanitha Maha Vidyalay, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
17. St. Alfansa Junior College, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
18. Neo Quantum Junior college, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
19. St.Pious Junior colege, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
20. Goverment Junior College (Girls), Golkonda , Hyderabad.
21. Srujana College, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
22. Vijayawada Nalanda College, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
23. St.Patricks college, Musheerabad
24. Jyothi College, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
25. Avanthi College, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
26. Musheerabad college , Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
27. Maharishi Veda Vigyan maha vidyalaya, Musheerabad, Hyderabad.
28. Holly Cross. College, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
29. Shanti Girls college, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
30. Ratna college, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
31. Kakatiya College, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
32. St.Paul's College, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
33. Vidya Niketan, Musheerabad
34. Sree Nagarjuna college, Golkonda, Hyderabad.
35. Andhra Mahila -Sabha arts and science college, Musheerabad
36. Narayana college, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
37. Unique College for Girls, Charminar , Hyderabad.
38. S. R. M. College, Charminar , Hyderabad.
39. Madina college, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
40. Pratibha college, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
41. Dr.Malkoti College for Girls, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
42. New science college, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
43. Sri Hanuman Vyayamsala.College, Charminar , Hyderabad.
44. Gyan Vatika college, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
A. V. College, Charminar , Hyderabad.
45. Queen Mary's College, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
46. B. S .R.V.Naidu college, Musheerabad
47. St.Joseph's college, Charminar
48. Kesav memorial college, Musheerabad
49. Pradeepti College, Musheerabad
50. Sri Gujarathi Vidya Mandir college, Charminar , Hyderabad.
51. Vidya Bharathi College, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
52. V .M., Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
53. Anjuman Girls College, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
54. Government college For Girls, Charminar , Hyderabad.
55. V .V .College, Charminar , Hyderabad.
56. Sri Venkateswara college, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
57. Methodist college, Charminar , Hyderabad.
58. Stanley girls college, Charminar , Hyderabad.
59. International college, Shaik Pet , Hyderabad.
60. Habeeba college, Tolichowki , Hyderabad.
61. Sultan Ul -Uloom College, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
62. Vijayanagar college, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
63. Sadhana junior College, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
64. Nagarjuna college, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
65. Stanely.College, Charminar , Hyderabad.
66. Anwar- Ul- Uloom college, Charminar , Hyderabad.
67. Loyola College For Girls, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
68. Pranathi college, Malakpet , Hyderabad.
69. Cresent college, Charminar , Hyderabad.
70. Adarsh college, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
71. Gautami college, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
72. Sarojini Naidu College, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
73. Andhra Yuvathi Mandali College, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
74. Royal college, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
75. St.Theresa's College, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
76. Gowtami College, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
77., Golkonda , Hyderabad.
78. New St.Josephs college, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
79. St.Thomas college, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
80. Mukaramjah junior college, Charminar , Hyderabad.
81. G. Pulla Reddy College, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
82. Shees junior college, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
83. Sangam Laxmi Bai college, Charminar , Hyderabad.
84. Sri Ramabhadra college, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
85. St.Xavier's college, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
86. Abhyudaya college, Golkonda
87. Sri Srinivasa college, Charminar , Hyderabad.
88. Octa Hedron college, Charminar , Hyderabad.
89. M. N .R. college, Charminar , Hyderabad.
90. Sri Gauthami college, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
91. Govt.junior college For Boys, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
92. Shuja college, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
93. Venkateswara college, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
94. Gautami College, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
95. Urdu arts evening college, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
96. Nims college, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
97. Gnana Saraswathi college, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
98. Badruka college for Girls, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
99. Sri Vidya Vikas college, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
100. Shadan college, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
101. Government college, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
102. Rishi college, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
103. Sri Sarada college, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
104. Owaisi College, Charminar , Hyderabad.
105. New Government college, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
106. Pragna college, Charminar , Hyderabad.
107. Anwar- Ul- Uloom college, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
108. Maitreyi college, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
109. Anwar-Ul-Uloom College for Girls, Charminar , Hyderabad.
110. Bapuji college, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
111. Sri Ramachandra college, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
112. Izastw college, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
113. Hindi Maha vidyalaya college, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
114. Tetrahedron college, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
115. Pioneer college, Charminar , Hyderabad.
116. Navachaitanya college, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
117. Mother's Girls college, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
118. Vivekananda Government College, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
119. Government city college, Charminar , Hyderabad.
120. D. R. Jindal college, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
121. Sujatha college, Charminar , Hyderabad.
122. Jyotsna college For Girls, Charminar , Hyderabad.
123. Shantiniketan college for women, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
124. Nalanda college, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
125. Navya college, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
126. Gowtham college, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
127. New, Charminar , Hyderabad.
128. Sri Vani college For Girls, Charminar , Hyderabad.

Sri Padmavathi college For Girls, Charminar , Hyderabad.

129. Navabharat college, Charminar , Hyderabad.
130. Iqbal college for Girls, Charminar , Hyderabad.
131. Bhagyanagar college, Charminar , Hyderabad.
132. Firdaus college, Golkonda
133. Nalanda college for Girls, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
134. Islamia college for Girls, Charminar , Hyderabad.
135. Priyadarshini college, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
136. Dharmavanth college, Charminar , Hyderabad.
137. Princess Durru Shohvar college for Girls, Charminar , Hyderabad.
138. Pragathi Maha vidyalaya, Charminar , Hyderabad.
139. J.V.S. college, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
140. Mumtaz college, Charminar , Hyderabad.
141. Villa Mary college for Girls, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
142. Narayana college, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
143. Khairul-Uloom college for Girls, Charminar , Hyderabad.
144. Government college, Charminar , Hyderabad.
145. Shyam Siddartha college, Musheerabad , Hyderabad.
146. Raja Bahadur Sir Bansilal Balika Jr. College, Charminar, Hyderabad.
147. Sharada Vidyalaya College For Girls, Charminar , Hyderabad.
148. Nrupatunga Junior college, Musheerabad, Hyderabad.
149. Geetanjali college for Girls, Golkonda , Hyderabad.
150. Chanakya College, Golkonda, Hyderabad.
151. Oxford Co-Operative Junior college, Musheerabad, Hyderabad

Famous place in Hyderabad

1. Golconda Fort
2. Charminar
3. Lad Bazaar
4. Qutub Shahi Tombs
5. Mecca Masjid
6. Salarjung Museum
7. Sri Venkateshwara Temple
8. Birla Planetarium
9. Nehru Zoological Park
10. Hussain Sagar

Famous temple in Hyderabad

1. Visweswaraalayam Temple
2. Yadagiri Gutta Temple
3. Birla Mandir

Airpot in Hyderabad

Rajiv Gandhi (Hyderbad) International Airport (RGIA)



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