Monday, August 24, 2009

How to Reach Kasauli

How to Reach Kasauli By Air:
From Kasauli the nearest airport is Chandigarh. Shimla is nearest airport for Solan.
How to Reach Kasauli By Rail:
Nearest railhead is Kalka in Haryana, which is 40-km away from Kasauli and 44-km from Solan. Solan is also linked with fine gauge railway line from Kalka.
How to Reach Kasauli By Road:
Solan and Kasauli are fine linked by road buses, coaches and taxis are also easily offered from Chandigarh and Delhi.
Hotels in Kasauli:
1. Baikunth Resort, Kasauli
2. Birds View Resort, Kasauli
3. Blossom Resort, Kasauli
4. Hemkunth Resort, Kasauli
5. Hotel Anchal, Kasauli
6. Hotel Shivalik, Kasauli
7. Kasauli Castle Resort, Kasauli
8. Kasauli Regency, Kasauli
9. Kasauli Resort , Kasauli
10. Surya Rock Rose Resorts, Kasauli
11. The Bliss Resorts, Kasauli
12. The Ros Common, Kasaul
Famous places in Kasauli:
1. Monkey Point
2. Sanawar
3. Christ Church
4. Dagshai
5. Pastur Institute
Hotels in Kasauli:
1. Alpine Hills Resort Kasauli
2. Bliss Resort Kasauli
3. Hotel Alasia Kasauli
4. Hotel Kasauli Resort Kasauli
5. Hotel R.Maidens Kasauli
6. Kasauli Regency
7. Baikunth Resort Kasauli
8. Hemkunth Resorts Kasauli
9. Hotel K. K Trams Kasauli
10. Hotel Maurice Kasauli
11. Hotel Ros Commons Kasauli



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