Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How to Reach Chail

How to Reach Chail by Air:
If you want to Reach Chail by air, you have to first get down at Shimla – the nearest airpot is connected form the hill resort. Shimla Airpot is serviced by a few airlines just, which includes Jagsons Airlines and Deccan Airways. The second option for reaching Chail will be to get down at Chandigardh airpot, which has a larger number of lights operating to and from New Delhi.

How to Reach Chail By Rail
The nearest railhead from the Chail is the one offer by the Kalka railway station. From there, you can take the toy train for shimla, which will take you on a five hour journey – even as bringing close to the unblemished and virgin beauty of nature. From Shimla, you can easily access the beautiful hill resort of Chail by Road.
How to Reach Chail By Road :
For future Chail by road, you will have to take the kalka – Shimla route. The hill resort is located at a distance of 375 km from Delhi, 86 km Kalka and 43 km from Shimla. You force easily get buses from Delhi, Chandigardh and Shimla for success the place. Taxis are also obtainable for accessing the hill resort from New Delhi.

Famous places in Chail:
1. Palace Hotel
2. Cricket Ground
3. Maharaja'S Palace
4. Sidh Baba Ka Mandir
Hotels in Chail:
1. Hotel Oakwood, Chail
2. Chail Inn, Chail
3. Hotel Grand Sunset, Chail
4. Chrysalid, Chail
5. Tarika's Jungle Retreat, Chail
6. Rashi Resorts, Chail



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